Information for Foreign Nationals Coming to Post-Graduate School

In accordance with the Regulations for the training of academic researchers in the Republic of Belarus, approved by Presidential Decree of 01.12.2011 № 561 (as worded by the Decrees of 30.12.2011 № 621 from 16.12.2013 № 560) foreign citizens are enrolled in post-graduate school on a fee paid basis without passing the entrance exam to take a full-time PG course (not more than 3 years), an extramural PG course (not more than 4 years) in the form of getting education or in the form of soiskatelstvo (visiting degree training). At all that applicant’s disposition to research work and the level of language proficiency sufficient for mastering of post-graduate education program is established by the results of the interview (the interview is conducted at the appropriate faculty).

Foreign nationals coming to graduate school are supposed to have higher education at Master of Science (Arts) level. Coming to study in the form of full-time and extramural course should have Ph.D. exams passed (in philosophy and methodology of science, in Russian as a foreign language, a graded test in fundamentals of information technology) or enroll in PG school for training in the form of soiskatelstvo: a term not exceeding two years – for training and passing Ph.D. exams and tests, or for not more than 5 years to prepare and pass Ph.D. exams and tests , as well as for performing the dissertation research.

Information on the coast of postgraduate training for foreign nationals

Conditions for admission of foreign nationals and the list of documents required for PG school admission

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