Certification, Training Schedule and Exams

While taking a course at PG school in the form of soiskatelstvo (visiting degree training ) it is necessary to pass the following exams and tests: philosophy and methodology of science (exam); Russian as a foreign language (exam); speciality, according to which the research thesis is performed (exam); Fundamentals of Information Technology (graded test ). PG students in full-time and extramural form postgraduate candidates must pass the exam in the relevant speciality.

Recommendations for PhD examinations:

  • In philosophy and methodology of science admission to the exam is a positive evaluation of the structural abstract . Structural abstract topic should be taken in the department of philosophy and methodology (9 Kalvariyskaya Str., Room  628 , phone 259-70-54 ) or website www.ffsn.bsu.by. Abstract is submitted to the PG and Doctoral Training Department (9 Bobruiskaya Str., Room 414), in the spring session (May) until April 10 ; in the autumn session (October ) to 10 September; Classes in philosophy and methodology of science begins with the end of November – from beginning of December to May , attendance is mandatory;
  • For Russian language, please, contact the chair of the theory and methods of teaching of Russian as a foreign language (38 Myasnikov Str., Room 212 , phone 200-71-13 ) To pass PhD examination in Russian as a foreign language it is necessary to write an application (for application form see here) to the Head of Qualified Scientific Personnel Training Directorate (QSPTD) Alexander G. Zakharov, to sign it with the head of the department of theory and methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language and to submit it to PG and Doctoral Training Department;
  • For Informatics training apply to Chair of Economic Informatics and Mathematical Economics  (31 K. Marx Str., Room 44, phone 226-12-92);
  • Majoring needs approval of additional program on dissertation topic at the department (for additional program requirements, see here) a month before the exam.

Within two months from the date of issuing of the PG student enrollment order the theme of dissertation, the scientific supervisor and individual plan of work are approved . For the form of an individual plan for the first year, see here.

To control the mastering of PG curriculum, the fulfillment of individual plan of work the PG students have to undergo current performance review (certification time – March / April and September / October) at least 2 times a year. At the first stage the student is being attested by the appropriate department on the basis of his report (the report is filled in printed form , a copy is retained for the student , signed and completed original report is submitted to PG and Doctoral Training Department).

During his senior year, not later than ten days before the end of the period of study, PG students pass the final performance review. Final performance review is conducted in the form of a report on the implementation of the individual plan of work for the entire period of study and carried out by the State Grading Commission (SGC).

For schedule for PhD examination, see here

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