Programs and Projects

Research Programs are a set of assignments which are linked in resources, executives and timeframes and consist in conducting of fundamental and applied research, development and technological works, culminating in the creation of new or improved technologies, types of products or services, as well as organizational and technical solutions of industrial, administrative, commercial or any other type, the implementation of these innovations in production and release of newly implemented products.

The Programs are elaborated in accordance with the priority directions of research areas of the Republic of Belarus and directions of scientific and technical activities and can be scientific support of state economic and social programs. The procedures of elaboration and implementation of state research programs (SRP) and state scientific and technical programs (SSTP) (state, regional and industrial, hereinafter – the Programs) are determined by relevant legal documents.

In 2016, the institutions and subdivisions of the BSU has been carrying out 77 assignments of 22 programs , 2 individual projects (scientific, scientific and technical, innovation) elaborated on a competitive basis.

The BSU is the head executive organization of 1 State Programs and 2 State Scientific and Technical Programs.