Student Research Laboratories

SRL Toolkit of Dialog Design Environment

SRL Computer Analysis and Modeling

SRL Actuarial Mathematics

SRL Automatic Testing of Algorithms and Software

SRL Nonlinear Dynamics of Physical Systems

SRL Biophysics and Cell Technologies

SRL Physics of Nanostructured Semiconductors

SRL Modification of Materials Properties

SRL Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Processes and Systems

SRL Semiconductor Lasers

SRL Nanotechnology and Computer Design

SRL Electromagnetic Processes in Nanostructures

SRL Theory, Sociology of Law and Legal Informatization

SRL Historical Informatics

SRL History of Belarus of XIX-XX century

SRL Socium

SRL Creative Studio “Critic”

SRL Mediapsychologist

SRL Physico-Chemical Parameters of Substances and Processes

Students’ Chemical-Analytical Laboratory

SRL Chemistry of Nanostructured Systems

SRL High Energy Chemistry

SRL Study of Folklore

SRL Regional Demographic Problems

Geo-Information Systems Laboratory

SRL Regional Geology and Geochemistry

SRL Molecular Biotechnology

SRL Applied Problems of Plant Cell Biology and Plant Biotechnology

SRL Biodiversity Structure and Dynamics

SRL Electronic Commerce Center

SRL Discrete Structures and Algorithms

SRL Tribo-Fatigue

SRL International Economist

SRL Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in Contemporary International Relations: Applied Analysis

SRL Analyst

SRL Theory and Practice of Customs Service and Foreign Economic Activity

SRL Innovative Technologies in Tourism

SRL Computer Design