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BSU conferences shedule of 2018 (Rus, approved, pdf), Addition to the shedule (Rus, approved, pdf)

Conferences of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

External Scientific Conferences

Scientific conferences, meetings and seminars are an important way of discussion of scientific results during lively communication between scientists from different universities and countries and the possibility to establish new contacts and improve existing cooperation.

Organization of scientific conferences in the Belarusian State University is governed by the «Regulation on the Procedure of the BSU Scientific and Practical Events Organization».

Applications for the conferences schedule for the next year are to be submitted to the Scientific and Technical Information Division of the General Directorate of Sciences of the BSU (tel. +375 17 209-51-60, 9 Bobruyskaya Str., office 416) before April 1 of the current year.

Not later than one month before the beginning of a conference the organizing committee is to write an order to hold it.

After the completion of a scientific and practical event all relevant materials are submitted to the electronic library of the BSU.

Electronic websites platform for the BSU internet-conferences

How to take part in the on-line conference of BSU (in Russian)


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