Belarusian-Vietnamese Innovation and Educational, Scientific and Technological Center

In July 2013, on the basis of previously established “Belarusian-Vietnamese Innovation and Educational Center(August 1, 2012), the “Belarusian-Vietnamese innovation and educational, scientific and technological center” was set up (hereinafter referred to as Center).

The Regulations on its establishment were signed during the visit of the Rector of the BSU academician Sergei Ablameyko to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) in the middle of March 2012.

The Center aims at:

  • development of educational, scientific and cultural relations between the BSU and other institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus and scientific, educational organizations and enterprises of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
  • increase of cooperation and maintenance of contacts with the BSU graduates living in Vietnam;
  • organization of joint conferences and research, attracting of researchers, professors, students and post-graduate students of the BSU to participate in joint research projects.

The co-founders of the Center are:

  • Belarusian State University (Belarus)
  • Binh Duong University (Vietnam)
  • Venture Capital & Equity Investment Holding Inc. (Vietnam)


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Coordinator of the Belarusian branch of the Center

Vitaly P. Kutavichus, Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Phone: +375 17 209-52-38
Address: Babrujskaja, 9 str., room 403

The Regulations on the Center (in Russian) are available here


Grants Competition for support for joint research

Annually, the Belarusian branch of the Center holds a Grants Competition for support of joint research with scientific and educational organizations and enterprises of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The competition is held among joint projects or projects coordinated with a Vietnamese organization in priority areas of science and technology activities, and fundamental scientific research that can contribute to the development of scientific cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the expansion and deepening of scientific knowledge, notable by its novelty in arrangement and methods of the research, as well as scientific and practical significance.

The sponsor of the Competition is the Vietnamese-Belarusian innovation and education company, the duties of which are currently assigned to the company Venture Capital & Equity Investment Holding Inc (Vietnam).

The Regulations on the Competition (in Russian) are available here
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