Department of Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management

Metrology — the science of measurement. Metrology branches: scientific theoretical metrology; legal metrology; applied metrology.

Standardization — an activity aimed at the development and establishment of requirements, rules, regulations, characteristics both mandatory to perform and recommended ones providing the right of consumers to purchase goods of good quality for a reasonable price, and the right to safety and comfort of work. The objective of standardization is to achieve the optimum degree of order in a given area through a wide and multiple use of established regulations, requirements, standards to solve real, planned, or potential problems.

Department of Metrology and Standardization  has been created for the purpose carrying out of activities on standardization and metrological support of research activities of the University in accordance with the relevant regulations in force in the Republic of Belarus. State supervision of standards and metrology research, condition and use of measuring instruments (MI), compliance with metrological rules, requirements and regulations, as well as the activities of MS is carried out by State Standard of Belarus.

Department of Metrology and Standardization conducts a systematic analysis of the work on standardization and metrological support of scientific research in BSU GDS and assesses their level. It takes measures to increase this level and together with other services determines their technical and economic efficiency.

The department serves GDS structural subdivisions.

Metrological support of R & D

(for contact: 9 Bobruiskaya Str, Room 410, phone +375 17 209-53-56)

  • carrying out verification of measuring instruments (MI) in the bodies of the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus;
  • determining the optimal range and systematic implementing of the SI and methods of measurement procedures that meet modern requirements and ensure increasing productivity;
  • organization of metrological certification of developed by non-standard MI, information and measuring systems and information and computer systems;
  • documenting of metrological assurance and research study;
  • internal control of the MI state, of implementing and following of laws and regulations in BSU units;
  • accounting of the MI;
  • creation of replacement fund renting of MI in BSU.

Standardization and examination of compliance with regulatory documents of technical documentation

(for contact: 9 Bobruiskaya Str., Room. 408, phone +375 17 209-51-66)

  • Ensuring compliance with technical regulations (TR) and other regulatory documents (RD) in force in Republic of Belarus standardization, uniformity and required measurement accuracy for scientific research (according to TP 2007/003/BY), improving and perfecting the art of measurement, testing and control measurements;
  • work on the implementation of technical regulations, training and improvement of metrological provision of scientific research;
  • Carrying out of examination of compliance with regulatory documents, and R&D reports , technical specifications, measurement procedures, maintenance documentation and other technical documentation developed at BSU;
  • acquisition of technical regulations necessary to carry out research;
  • update of technical regulations collection.

Repair of measurement instruments (MI) and equipment

(for contact: 14 Leningradskaya Str., Room. 21, phone +375 17 209-57-13;

instrumentation sector at 1 Kurchatov Str., Room 36, phone +375 17 209-58-77)

  • organization and carrying out repairs of MI and university equipment used for scientific research

Preparation of precious metals for delivery to the State Fund

(for contact: 9 Bobruiskaya Str, basement, phone +375 17 209-51-67)

  • Ensuring full and qualitative collection of precious metals contained in the materials, nodes and parts of electronic products after their wear and tear and decommissioning including timely delivery to the State Fund for processing;
  • Decommissioning of instrumentation, office equipment and other equipment;
  • Making a list of products containing precious metals, constant updating them upon the change of the list of incoming items, correction and updating the catalog of their accessories.

Legislative support of research standardization and metrology

BSU has the following centers of collective use of unique scientific equipment:

Belarusian Interuniversity Center of Research Services

Research and Technology Center for Collective Use «Nanotechnology and Physical Electronics»

Center for Collective Use of Devices and Equipment of Biological Faculty «Bioanalysis»

Center for Collective Use of Unique Scientific Equipment of Research Institute for Physical-Chemical Problems and Chemical Faculty