On February 25, 1919, it was decided to establish the Belarusian State University.

It is considered that the date of foundation of the University is October 30, 1921, the day when the grand opening and the inauguration of the University were held. There was a difficult situation related to the material support, but there were great human resources of the University, which comprised more than 50 professors of the world’s recognition in different scientific fields, such as physicists, historians, chemists, economists, biologists, lawyers, geographers, linguists which had come to Minsk from Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

The 20 – 30-ies is the period of formation of the classical scientific schools, the first graduation of young specialists in the BSU, opening of postgraduate study and beginning of the campus construction.

Active development of scientific research in the Belarusian State University in the postwar period fell on the beginning of the 50s, when research laboratories began to form in the university.

Since the beginning of the 70s the University starts to transform into the leading educational and scientific center of the country. Owing to contractual research the departments created research groups which included staffers.

Since the late 80s the structure of scientific research at the University as a whole covered a wide range of areas and optimally combined both fundamental and applied aspects. By the number of researchers, the volume of funding and participation in major government programs the BSU held one of leading positions in the USSR universities’ system. In the transition period followed after the division of the country into a number of sovereign states the BSU managed to preserve its scientific potential without significant losses.

During the 1990s – 2000s the structure of the Belarusian State University was changing, the number of subdivisions and institutions was increasing and a number of new scientific and industrial enterprises were created, the tasks and functions of the research coordination system were widened. The BSU transformed into a single complex, consisting of the University with its traditional structure, a network of educational and research institutions (institutes, centers), unitary enterprises and branches. In order to coordinate and manage scientific activities of the entire complex of the BSU the General Directorate of Science was established.

At present, the Belarusian State University has a developed scientific infrastructure and high scientific and innovative potential, the implementation of which is a powerful resource for the development of innovative economy and growth of life quality of our citizens.

The main stages of the development of science in the BSU in details can be found here (in Russian)

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