Aims and Objectives

GDS aims:

realization of Research and Development Division’s functions in accordance with Article 207 of the Code of Education;

implementation of the state policy in the sphere of scientific, technological and innovation activities through the use of the principle of non-breaking operation of science, education and industry;

providing a single, integrated and effective management system of scientific, technical and innovative activities of BSU; organization, management, coordination of research and development work (hereinafter – R&D), scientific, technological and innovation activity of the BSU complex in accordance with the scientific and technological priorities and priorities for basic and applied research in Republic of Belarus;

pursuing BSU policy in improving the organization and conduct of scientific research, development of proposals for scientific list of the equipment purchased for the university-wide decision tasks;

development of relations and more effective interaction of BSU with republican state bodies, their subordinate enterprises and institutions, with institutions of higher education and research institutions of the Republic of Belarus; establishment, coordination of scientific relations and cooperation of BSU with foreign universities, international scientific organizations and funds, involving the scientific divisions of the BSU complex to the international scientific and technical cooperation;

ensuring compliance with applicable standards in the Republic of Belarus and other normative documents on standardization, uniformity and required accuracy of the measurements when carrying out R&D;

within the educational process coordination of research work of students of the first and second stage of higher education, the first stage of postgraduate education including the applicants for scientific degree in divisions and entities of BSU.

GDS objectives:

finding of the strategy and forward planning of development of scientific, technological and innovation activities in BSU and the BSU complex, including activities in training of highly qualified scientific personnel in accordance with the state policy of the Republic of Belarus;

organization and coordination of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary fundamental and applied research by:

  • cooperation with scientific institutions in Belarus;
  • creation and development of educational, research and production centers;
  • implementation of tasks of the State Program for Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus;
  • promotion of scientific and technical production of the BSU complex on domestic and foreign markets;
  • involving of talented young people to research through the creation and functioning of competitions and other scientific and practical activities;

implementation of regulatory and methodological, informational and metrological support of research and development;

ensuring unbroken close connection of scientific and innovation activities with the educational process;

organization of holistic, effective system of management, coordination and development of research work of BSU students including students’ scientific research (SSR) of Belarusian universities in the framework of the Republican methodological and information-analytical center of SSR which functions are assigned to BSU; methodological and informational support of SSR;

coordinating the involvement of students, PG students , doctoral students, academic staff and other teaching and research workers of BSU in international scientific, educational and information activities;

promoting the development of research principle in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, involvement of BSU students in scientific research innovation cycle. Facilitating the implementation of continuous learning process “Higher education-PG studies” by improving SSR;

coordination of postgraduate education in the BSU departments when training highly qualified scientific personnel through post-graduate and doctoral studies;

methodological and technical support of the process of post-graduate education in the preparation of candidates of sciences (Ph.D.) and defending theses, as well as their presentation to the award of academic qualifications;

coordination of interaction of educational, research units and unitary enterprises of BSU in the scientific field; development and intensification of cooperation between BSU and republican state bodies and organizations of various forms of ownership;

establishment, development and coordination of scientific and educational BSU ties with foreign partners. Involving BSU subdivisions to the international scientific and technical cooperation;

solution of organizational and managerial problems in research, innovation and scientific research and teaching areas of the University;

providing activities to protect intellectual property;

development of material and experimental production base for research and educational process.

GDS functions:

organizes, coordinates and carries out scientific, technical and innovation activity in BSU, including the BSU complex and manages it;

develops an innovative approach to the organization of scientific activity of BSU;

develops prospective and current plans of R&D in accordance with the priorities of scientific and technological activities and priorities for fundamental and applied research in the Republic of Belarus, the main scientific directions of BSU, taking into account the plans for training of highly qualified specialists;

organizes, coordinates and implements timely and quality execution of research and development in accordance with the approved plan of R&D;

promotes scientific and technical production of the BSU complex on domestic and foreign markets (holding cooperation exchanges, seminars, round tables, exhibitions, advertising companies, etc.);

takes part in personnel, logistical, financial, regulatory and methodological information and analytical support of research and development;

organizes and provides state registration of R&D;

analyzes trends in the development of scientific research in Belarus and abroad, develops on this basis, together with the Councils on the coordination of research in BSU the development strategy of the University and training of highly qualified scientific personnel;

performs work on standardization and metrological support of R&D. Provides a means of measurement for verification. Organizes scientific and technical certification and accreditation of scientific subdivisions;

provides preparation and supplying of reference and information materials on scientific and technical activities of the scientific subdivisions of the university;

organizes preliminary examination of research projects and programs, the distribution on a competitive basis between research and scientific subdivisions of BSU of the budget designed to perform fundamental and applied research, development of material and technical base of scientific research, including work performed by students;

develops, implements and improves the methods of organization of scientific activity in BSU, aimed at the development of applied research;

prepares annual reports on research and innovation of the BSU complex and forecasts science development of BSU;

organizes competitions of scientific works in BSU named after academics V.I.Picheta and A.N.Sevchenko;

performs research and production and other creative links with individuals and legal entities, including foreign partners;

oversees the international scientific and technical cooperation of BSU subdivisions;

ensures organization and support of the educational process of higher educational institutions in the part of SSR, conducted by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian State University;

organizes and participates in the development of national regulations and guidance of documents for SSR. Develops a system of support and encouragement for students, PG students and their supervisors involved in research activities;

provides the work of the Council for Scientific and Research Activity of Students and PG Students of BSU and the SSR Republican Council. Participates in the work of the National Council of Young Scientists;

maintains a national data bank of degree, course and other papers of students the Republic of Belarus, recommended for implementation in production, the system of education and scientific field, a data bank of talented youth of BSU and provides information to the national data bank of talented youth, provides organizational, informational and methodological support a permanent research and educational exhibition of works by students;

within the educational process organizes works to involve BSU students in research and innovation activities;

organizes training of postgraduate and doctoral students, oversees the work of the Councils on thesis defense, organizes the defense of dissertations and nomination for the assignment of academic titles;

assists students, PG students, academic staff in organizing their participation in international scientific and technical activities (conferences, scientific schools, symposia, thematic exhibition events), joint with BSU international scientific and technical projects;

makes proposals for disposal of the BSU Development Fund on areas of scientific, technological and innovation activities;

makes proposals to invest BSU funds in the development of material and technical base and metrological provision of research, science and information structure of BSU, research and innovation support of the educational process and training of highly qualified scientific personnel;

develops and submits proposals to improve the regulatory and methodological basis for the development of scientific, technological and innovation spheres, training highly qualified scientific personnel;

provides activities for the protection of intellectual property;

provides patent-licensing, information-analytical and exhibition support of scientific products;

provides training and the provision of reference and information materials on science, technology and innovation activity of the BSU complex;

provides organizational and consulting assistance to BSU subdivisions in preparing and conducting of scientific international events;

oversees the work of centers for collective use of unique and expensive equipment;

manages and takes part in Quality Management System processes “Science and Innovation”, “The training of scientific personnel of higher qualification”, “Management of the equipment and tools for monitoring measurements”.